The Council of Doom has been recording and performing hip-hop since 1998. Since their track list is so deep, Sheep and Doc have compiled a list of their greatest hits for your aural consumption. Of course, there are many tracks not included on this list, but special care was taken to eliminate sub-standard recording quality and to allow for radio friendliness and portrayal of different styles (tracks marked with an * are not considered radio friendly, so parental guidance is suggested).


Theory & Practice
(Mar. 2002)

Rap Uncommon (The Mummy's Verse) 3.5 MB | lyrics & beat

Livin' in the Eighth Dimension 3.0 MB | lyrics & beat

M.C. Whatever 3.7 MB | lyrics & beat

Professor Booty's Travelling Medicine Show 3.1 MB | lyrics & beat

Jesse Owens 1.7 MB feat. Stephanie Fuller | lyrics & beat

Who By Fire 3.5 MB | lyrics & beat



It Takes A Nation of Morons to Hold Us Back
(Jan. 2001)

Phantasia 2k 3.1 MB | lyrics

I'm Beginning to See I'm White 1.3 MB | lyrics

World Premiere 3.4 MB | lyrics



Doom's Day
(Aug. 2000)

Knick Knack Patty Wack feat. DJ Mighty Matt 3.2 MB | lyrics

The Fun Is Back feat. DJ Mighty Matt 3.4 MB | lyrics

Trilogy (Clone War Mix) 4.3 MB | lyrics

Hesitation 4.6 MB | lyrics

The Devil Went Down to North Cakalaka feat. Snookerfly Johnson 4.6 MB | lyrics



Extra Prophets
(Feb. 2000)

Instant Hit (Radio) 3.6 MB | lyrics

Suburban Rebel (Movin' On Up Mix) 2 MB | lyrics