"The Fun Is Back"
by Doc Manhattan with the Mad Sheep and DJ Mighty Matt

[Hey look, mister. We serve hard drinks in here for men who wanna get drunk fast,
and we don't need any characters around to give the joint atmosphere.
Is that clear?]

Aiyo, goodness gracious, how audacious
Pass the microphone so I can get voracious
Hungry but we never bite the hand that pays us
Unique when I speak so critique don't faze us
Doctor Manhattan is rippin up the party
Figured out Blue's Clues, because I'm a smartie
Call me Metro-North [why?] I'm always in training
Can't stop to rest because the competition's gaining
The villain from the villanelle, sweeter than a sonnet
I get a lotta honeys with these bees inside my bonnet
And I can't be silent like the K in Krzyzewski
I'll tell you New Coke was a rip-off of Pepsi
Comin' uninvited like a Christmas cheese-log
So slice up the fruitcake and break out the eggnog
Don't just sit there like an SNL monologue
Throw ya hands up like a Sweathog
Can I get a C? [C!] O D
Not the Council but the cash when I make my delivery

	The fun is back as you can see (3x)
	It's the Doc Manhattan from the COD

Execution-style lyrical back flips
Compile the file like it was written in Lisp
or C++, never in the COBOL
Council line up for my Mousketeer roll call
Mad Sheep on my right [yeah], keep it on the level
ZBL, bust out the Pop-o-Matic treble
MONSTA ZERO, enunciate the rhythm
My Kid Pork can harmonize with 'em
Last of all I can't forget my DJ Mighty Matt [eh?]
So Mighty Matt, tell 'em where you at

My friends will tell you, I'm a top notch actor
When I'm on the mic, feel my magic factor
Keep it G-rated, never ever cuss
My mic-ro-phone never gathers dust
It's the COUNCIL STYLES, kid can you hear 'em?
Comp flips when I hit 'em with my funky theorem
The M to the A to the T to the T
Pass it back to the ill MD

	The fun is back as you can see (3x)
	It's the Doc Manhattan from the COD
[I'm a sophisticated sex robot]

Make my connection, my styles are grand central
Educated by RIF, rhyming is fundamental
Shouts to Connecticut and also to New York [York!]
When I get the Colonel's chicken always grab a spork [spork!]
Shouts to anyone who's got my back I might've missed
And anyone who's tried to step, you know you made the list
Finger on the trigger, mic in my hand
The doom is comin soon, so laugh while you can
I'll pass the mic once more before it's time to go
So, yo Mad Sheep [yup?], tell 'em where you know

I went out west, but now I'm back [back!]
If there's one thing I learned, LA is whack [whack!]
I tell you that Cali is all about 'Frisco
But back east nothin' beats a Manhattan disco
You know I don't mean the borough, I mean the Doc
'Cause no one on either coast knows how to rock
Quite the way that Manhattan does
If you listenin' now, then you caught the buzz

	The fun is back as you can see (3x)
	It's the Doc Manhattan from the COD
[That does it. Out you two pixies go, out the door or through the window!]

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