a slow jam by the Council of Doom

I'm Mad Sheep and I'm know for gettin' ill,
Tell me rock the mic, tell me, tell me and I will
But tell me to move in 'cause it's time to make the kill,
And I might just chill, 'cause I ain't got the grill.
I've been talking to this girl, people see that we're friends
You could see that I'm diggin' on her curves and her bends
My intentions never mentioned, will I tell her? That depends:
I just want to see my means justified by the ends.
Like my name was Mos Def, I'll call this girl Ms. Fat Booty
Curves approved by me, plus my friends called her a cutie
I've been talkin' to this girl, found she has the inner beauty
Got no choice but make a move, my boys say that's my duty.
Turns out the situation is a bit more complicated:
She and I, we work together, that's why I have waited
Still, my lust it grows, my appetite it won't be sated
Until I get this girl, until the two of us have dated.
Yo, why must it be this way? Why must I choke?
I can chill with this girl, we can laugh and I can joke
Come from the same world, she won't care if I'm broke,
Can this girl realize the type of feelings she evokes?
Could I get with this girl, could I get on her list?
I only rap with this persona, otherwise call me Chris
Could Chris be the type of guy girls don't wanna miss?
I don't ball, I'm not rich, but should I move toward a kiss?
I'm known for college education, writer/rapper occupation,
Lyrical type elation, Weekend intoxication,
For the standing ovation on the stage that's my station,
See my films across the nation, read my online publication.
My credentials, they read like a qualified résumé,
But if she knows all this we she still say, "Yes, you may,"
Or will she just ignore my moves and simply push my hand away
And act all types of silly next time we have to work a day?

Girl, what you think about rolling with me?
You know I don't got a car but I think you got the key.
On the floor I don't ball, I just dance: you know my stee,
And when I split those uprights, I score but not three. 

From the first day I saw you, loved your face and your form
Now that I know you better, can't wait to know you more
My house may be cold (at least I don't live in a dorm),
But on those long winter nights, my fleece'll keep you warm.

Back in the day there was a state of grace
Fell hard for a girl with the freckles on her face
I would see her in the hall and my heart would race
But I thought I knew my place, I could never plead my case
Cause in those days I played a different role
I rocked the High School Bowl and led the scout patrol
And I had a lot to learn about microphone control
So my journals were the place where I would rhyme my soul
My goal: a girl from whom you never recover
Not to bite on John Cusack, but she wasn't like the others
She was more like me, as I was pleased to discover
My homies used to wonder why we never was lovers
Used to be single-minded but she made me see double
To me, she was perfect, in other words, trouble
I knew these types of drama would just burst my bubble
But love clouds your view like the lens of the Hubble
Till then, we were friends, and it was all the rage
And my daydreams remained just words on the page
Did she share my dreams? I wished that I could gauge
But my boy Enrique told me it was time to act my age
Time to snap out of my existential trance
And step up to the plate while I still had the chance
And so the Doc made his first bid at romance
I got my shit together and I asked her to the dance
Didn't know what I was doing, but still I was a shoe-in
She agreed and I was feeling like Don Juan
Like two lovey-doves just preening and cooing
I had no idea of the storm that was brewing
We were queen and king, doing typical things
I would hold her hand, and she would wear my ring
Then one day I got a letter-the next morning
They would find me in my cell, hung by a heartstring

She had stopped caring for me, it was most apologetic
She knew my heart would break and she was sorry she misled it
I tried to self-edit, not give her the credit
But there was already tears in my eyes when I read it

Damn... Girl, these days I don't think about you much
I try to stay busy with this rap game and such
But sometimes I wonder if I choked in the clutch
And I still remember when we was close enough to touch

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