"Suburban Rebel (Movin' On Up Mix)"
by the Council of Doom

Suburban Rebel

Doc Manhattan on vacation from the Wax
A little intro before we get to brass tacks
Bringin' this Fold-Out joint what it lacks
A funky-ass Jew layin' words on the tracks
Gettin paid like Old Man Mooney
It's my time down here on the mic cause I'm a goony
My styles is smoother than your sheets of satin
That's why you're the fan and I'm  Doc Manhattan
Bang the bass and blow on the shofar
If you want funk you don't have to go far
High fidelity like Magnavox
Don't stretch out my intro like in letterbox
Just let me get down to the thesis
The Mad Sheep used to look like Jesus
But now he looks more like Emilio
Suburban Rebel, what's the dilly , yo?
I'm a G without a gang if you know what I mean
I go antiquing with my gangsta lean
I get props with no real street credentials
My hood ain't the projects but it's zoned for residential
I'm the product of a public high school
Named after some dead white fool
Half the graduating class was alcoholics
My moms' minivan gots hydraulics
Don't carry steel but I do carry plastic
Can't rap worth a damn and I dance like a spastic
Livin' large like an old lady's goiter
I get hassled by the pigs when I loiter
Baggy pants and oversized pores
Hangin' out in front of overpriced stores
The corners have rollerbladers instead of whores
Color doesn't matter, my money's just as green as yours
Have a race riot? It's just track and field
If the party got busted, we're gonna kill who squealed
I'll grow up to be the White Devil
In the meantime I'm a cold Suburban Rebel

Suburban Rebel

Tha Mad Sheep is on the microphone,
Droppin' science to pay back my college loan.
When it comes to rhymin' I can hold my own,
But when it comes to makin' tracks I'm like Al Capone
Because half of my beats are stolen,
Although my style's much bigger than my colon,
I don't rock clubs, I rock the Rockin' Bowlin',
And I pitch a no hitter just I like I was Nolan,
But you know I throw like a girl.
And I don't play hockey, I curl.
I'm a star at Syracuse, call me Earl the Pearl
I got comic stylings like Milton Berle
But my record won't ever make the rack,
Because Indie distribution lacks
The type of clout that a big label packs
I'm not down with Puff, so you assume that I'm whack.
Suburban Rebel, is the name of this cut,
Know what it means? Y'all can kiss my butt.
'Cause I come from a hood like King Tut,
Any house on my block makes yours look like a hut.
But the Pyramids got nothin' on my hood,
In the back of my house we gots mad woods,
You know you'd wanna live here if you could:
Two acres and a pool and it's still all good.
I said, but don't get me wrong: life is hard
But growing up I had a swing set in my yard
And I always had a library card
So at Scranton, I learned of the immortal bard:
This learning, what a wonderful thing!
I learned I could rap if I couldn't sing.
Well they closed down the Burger King,
And I put it in my rhyme just like I said Ving
Rhames played a gangster boss,
But punks like him, I will floss
You don't know what to say, y'all are at a loss
'Cause I'm phat and you're skinny just like Kate Moss.

Suburban Rebel

Yeah, Mad Sheep tellin' it like a preacher
Smokin grooves underneath the bleachers
We gots WASPs, no killah bees like Wu-Tang
Mad kung-fu grip like Liu Kang
Suburban G's ride SUV's
Gonna need a reservation to see more Cherokees
Like Ahab, Starbucks backs up off me
Nine different places I can get coffee
We gots coffee shops, fast-food joints, cafes
Your sandwich always comes with mayonnaise
You just can't understand the burbs
It's a secret like the Colonel's sixteen herbs
And summer people best step back
Gonna fuckin' smack em with a Hot Wheels track
Beat down some new money at the local pub
Then I ventilate some punks down at the Beach Club
I deal glue when I'm at the bus stop
And it's a 1-8-7 on the bicycle cop
South Central Connecticut, bitch
The land of the G and the home of the rich
DJ Ice Chill he's 2 percent black
Which is by no means a personal attack
But my Doc Manhattan, he rocks the room
Droppin' all my hits for the Council of Doom
We been doin' this since the eighth grade
But that Reebok Pump style is played
Mad Sheep, gettin' paid like a bookie
Gets more girlies than the cap'n and the rookie
Well, I played little league, the Doc played soccer
Christian Grivalski gots a gun up in his locker
It's another FOC creation
Nappy Heads remix but no Haitians
I kicks the mad Madison flavor
And I give a shout out to my neighbors
I got your girlie lookin' at me so agniculous
Suburban Rebels kick it so ridiculous

Suburban Rebel
Suburban Rebel

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