"I'm Beginning to See I'm White"
an a capella shot from the Council of Doom

I never cared much for mayonnaise [How can you eat that s---?]
When Hammer told me to you know I prayed 
But ever since Eazy died of AIDS
I'm beginning to see I'm white 

I always went in for booty calls
And I spent all my evenings tagging walls
But ever since they hit Biggie Smalls
I'm beginning to see I'm white

I used to ramble through the hood
Renting movies like "The Wood"
I used to think, "Hey, that s---'s all good"
Until my Lolo broke down in Watts

So now I can't stand Lou Farrakhan
And VH1 is always on
I wish I hadn't named my son Shawan
I'm beginning to see I'm white.

[Yo, Manhattan, let's get of here.]
Word to your mother.

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