"Who By Fire"
by Doc Manhattan
beat by Paragon the Prince of Darkness

These college kids, talkin like they Socrates, mockin' me
Wearin' the ironic Sauconys
But they go knock-a-kneed within twenty yards of reality
Or intellect with an innovative personality
These hypocrites, sippin' Cris, actin like sophisticates
Way I spit, illiterates don't even get the gist of it
That's cause I hit the books while you haters hit the bottle
I draw from the well from Genesis to Aristotle
Bring your pride, cause that just goes before you fall
I'm the real, ideal, you's just shadows on the wall
I'm tired of false messiahs on the six o'clock news
The few lead the many; the many feed the few
The self-appointed leaders and their cult of personality
No love for community, only for the salary
Those who raise the gun in prince of peace's name
And the people we elect who promise more of the same

So, who by fire, and who by water
Who by famine and who by war
Who by sadness and who by sickness
Who by my hand and who by yours

These fools keep rappin' ‘bout dying by the sword
But flip the record over and they're down with the Lord
Cowards wear the Constitution like a bulletproof vest
Then claim discrimination when they're put to the test
We've been weighed in the balance, our talent's been squandered
Our kingdom is divided, the money's been laundered
The sins of our fathers still linger through the years
While the ethics of the fathers only fall on deaf ears
People stand in line to watch the righteous man stumble
The faithful brought low, the mighty made humble
The wicked spread out like the branches of the bay tree
My god, my god, why do you forsake me?
I beat swords into ploughshares, with the ammunition
That something in this world is beyond my volition
And I'm not sure, but I can feel it in my bones
The road is long, but I ain't walkin' alone


Thesis, antithesis, synthesis
History had better come to grips with this
Sometimes I feel like Sisyphus, struggling up the hill
Keep reaching for the top though I know I'm bound to fail
And sometimes I wonder why I just don't stop
And sometimes I'm afraid of what I'll find at the top
I know I'm scared of dying, but I'm more afraid of living
I know that I ain't using all the knowledge I been given
If you find the courage to use the mind God gave you
Then pause and ask yourself what are you still a slave to?
A slave to the media, a slave to your paycheck
A slave to the Golden Calf you wear around your neck
A slave to a system it's so easy to blame
It's the like the Stockholm Syndrome—you're in love with the game
Will you read your entry in the Book and feel shame
Or are you living yours for the sake of the Name?


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©2002 Seafood Cheeselog Trio