Welcome to my digital portfolio. First, I'd like you to see my résumé. Go ahead and click on it to view a PDF version. You can also check out some of my favorite designs in the space below.

2D/3D Business Card

When your company turns two dimensional drawings into three dimensional models, your business card shouldn't be stuck in two dimensions. A custom die cut really makes this business card "stand" out.

Dynamic Business Card

Mac is an Olympic Freestyle Aerial skier. Since he spends so much of his time spinning, twisting and flipping, I figured he might want a card that did the same thing.

Click the image to see Mac spin!

Web Design

Every now and then I take a job designing websites professionally, rather than just for fun. You can visit a couple of my favorites by clicking to the right.

Social Media Promotion

Is there a job out there that doesn't include social media promotion?

Custom Design

After designing a Bar Mitzvah invitation, I asked if the family needed anything else for the baseball-themed reception. When the mother said she wanted some baseball-shaped paper place cards, I suggested we try something a little different. I designed a logo for New York Yankee fan Max W., and we had it printed on baseballs which served as place cards as well as party favors.


I've always enjoyed maps. Working as a Park Ranger gave me an opportuinty to design maps for public use, using GPS, satellite photos, and Adobe Illustrator. You can click on the maps to the right, or you can visit Chetwood to learn about the map I helped create for Lord of the Rings fans.


Apart from the logos and icons you've seen visiting this site (especially on the maps), I've also designed logos for businesses, events and sports teams. I've included some favorites here.


Custom Vector Images

I was given a black business card with tiny gray print and a grainy restaurant logo and asked to make more of them. I looked for the restaurant online and found a few images, so I created this vector logo and a card that fit better with the restaurant's image.


Working for different organizations has also given me an opportunity to design brochures. Some provided seasonal information, some advertised specific programs. I've provided just a couple of examples. You can click on either to view a PDF of the full brochure.