"Knick Knack Patty Wack"
by the Council of Doom, thanks to EPMD and K-SOLO

Yo, the special guest on this ditty
is the Mighty

To the M to the A-T-T

And me, the capital D, the O to C
The a.k.a., Manhattan, M.D.

And me, the M to the A to the D
to the S to the H double E to the P

It's time D

To rip the M the I to C

So knick knack patty wack give a dog a bone
Mighty Matt ([MM] yo) I pass D the microphone

Nah Mad ([MS] why D?) to each his own
So knick knack patty wack give the dog a bone
Aiyyo, I pass Sheep the microphone

It's me, yes the fan of Grand Royal
who loves rappin', and to it I stay loyal
I love the game, I just can't try to explain
Why even without fame, all you suckers I tame
I bring it from the heart, my style is an art
It just ain't smart to step to us we'll start
That's the way it is, and the way that it should be
It's just Business, like EPMD
C-O-D, will keep it real, B
Like in Swingers, I got these claws and teeth
Just like a monster, and I'm learnin' how to get along
Battin' around bunnies like John Favreau or Vince Vaughn 
My crew is on the scene, we're one hell of a team
You caught in our headlights, we've switched to high beams
You sit and you stare, wide awake you dream
Of one day droppin' flows like the C the O the D
So listen, to this funky fresh homage
Sheep gets more cheddar, than the French do frommage
So knick knack paddy wack give a dog a bone
D-O-C, ([DM] yo) I pass Matt the microphone

Yo I pass ([DM] why Matt?) to each his own
So knick knack patty wack give a dog a bone
Yo, I pass D the microphone

As I take the stage the crowd shouts like hooligans
People lininŐ up to watch me play the fool again
The Council likes to get down to business
And once again it's time to pay the Doctor a visit
With exquisite styles that got no parallel
To keep all the plates spinning round like a carousel
Unique is how I keep the lyrics when I speak
In the studio I tweak all the buttons like a geek
And I freak when there's ladies on the scene
Even Fold-Out joints still bringing in the green
Yes you can talk, but what I want to know is can you battle
Can you rock the microphone as well as you prattle
Cause the Doc has a knack for puttinŐ suckas on their back
I got what they lack and I shout it out like Brak
So don't attack us, cause I'd rather keep it friendly
Keep it cool and smooth like the Frosty from Wendy's
If you want to ride with me, the D the O the C
I drive a Saturn ([MS] I drive a Buick)
It's how I get from A to B
I keep rappin' like I keep on keepin' on
and I keep feet tappin' with the lyrics to the song
So knick knack paddy wack give the dog a bone
Mighty Matt, I pass Sheep the microphone

I pass ([MM] why Sheep?) To each his own
So knick knack patty wack give a dog a bone
Aiyyo, I pass Matt the microphone

When I grab the mic, and they say do what I like,
I start to blazin', like I was the Fourth Reich.
Cause I'm a freak, up on the M-I-C
Burn up the scene, like I was B-I-C
Put your hands where I could see, like I was B-U-S
Clean like S-O-S, can't guess oh yes,
MacGyver, and Captain, and Hannibal too,
I've got personalities up the wazoo.
I'm known by many names across the land,
But when I'm on the mic call me the Magic Man.
I'm a writer, a wordsmith, a master of verse,
And I'm known for smiting commies with the Captain's Curse.
You got infinitives, yo!  I like to split 'em!
I'm a white boy I ain't got no rhythm.
You better watch yo' ass when I bring her about
Or I'll knock you out with a blow to the snout.
If you don't believe me ask Doc Manhattan.
He saw me tag the Sheep once in a sparring action.
It was just a mistake, we're all as tight as can be,
Doc, Sheep, and I: The Seafood Cheeselog Three.

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©2000 Seafood Cheeselog Trio