"Rap Uncommon (The Mummy's Curse)"
Council Mythology
beat by Paragone the Prince of Darkness

Four thousand years ago, the Pharaoh Rapankhamun was entombed in a pyramid deep in the deserts of Egypt. His vital organs were preserved in jars and his body was wrapped and embalmed so that he may live again after his death. For millennia he lay untouched in his tomb. Until now...

Yo, Doc and I was rollin' through the desert
This state of luxury, just like Nebuchadnezzar
Riding on the camels, eatin' on the Ramen
When we unearthed this cat Rapankhamun
We saw his name on the foot of a sphinx
Man, I wouldn't have read it if I knew about the jinx
Turns out the notation was a cursed incantation
Once I read it aloud, the ground started to shakinŐ
The sand started partin', and we fell into a chamber
I felt like Mystikal, man, I could tell I was in danger!
Well, this cat rose up from in his casket
With the rotted visage, no way that he could mask it
We could tell this brother was from ancient times
From his old school wraps and his old school rhymes
He said, "I don't mean to be terse,
But beware of the Mummy's curse."

Council of Doom, rippin up the room
Better show respect when you step into the tomb
I'll get straight to the point like an arrow

Whitey, you don't wanna f--- with the Pharaoh

You better pay respect to the Mummy's stee
His bling dates back to 2020 B.C.

Aiyyo, Set's in the set and he's set to blast...
Step to the Mummy, and you won't last
He got Tut in the back with the gat, leave you flat
Unless you come up on his ass with a cat

Mummy standing in front of you in line at the store
Express lane, but he got twelve items or more
He doesn't have change, he wants to write a check,
And if you speak up, son, he's gonna wring your neck

Council on the mic, rhymin' ancient verse
So beware of the Mummy's Curse

Kid, you don't believe me? Read the hieroglyphics
Mummy's gonna mess you up, let me be specific
He's comin' out the grave, he'll hop into his whip
He's gonna peel rubber down the Gaza strip
He's comin' to your house, he's knockin on your door
He's gonna track mud all on your hardwood floor
Eatin' all the cold cuts out your fridgerator
Then you think he's gone, but Mummy comes back later
CominŐ home drunk in the early AM
BanginŐ on the window till your girl lets him in
She lets him in your house, she lets him in bed
Now she's going out with the Mummy instead
Now you're wishin' that you never stole that scarab
Homeboy, you done messed with the wrong ancient Arab
Get it through your head, it's gonna get worse
So beware of the Mummy's Curse

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©2002 Seafood Cheeselog Trio